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Manhattan Dancesport Championship 2018

The Fourth of July fireworks were not the only thing making sparks fly this past week! The Manhattan Dancesport Championships took place this at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott and if you weren't...

Millennium 2018 Results

Wow! Aida Champions had a very action packed week at the 2018 Millennium Dancesport Championships. As usual, Michael Chapman did not disappoint with any aspect of the event.

Goal Setting: Why should we bother?

Goals. They are what keeps a dancer moving forward. Whether your goals are long-term, short-term, small or huge, they are what will determine how you go about your improvement. So...

Andrea Harvey: An Exclusive Insight

Being effortlessly lifted above her partner Craig Smith's head, cabaret dancer Andrea Harvey seems like she's been doing this for years and years. She has only been involved in the...

UK Championships Week Results

  The United Kingdom Championships take place in Bournemouth, England and is considered one of the largest and most prestigious competitions of the year. This year, the level of competition...


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