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Create Your Own Masterpiece

Your dance shoes should be as unique as your personality! Explore all of Aida's different options and make your dream shoe a reality!

What Does it Mean to be an AIDA Champion?

Over the past year, we have been introducing you to our sponsored couples by way of interviews on our blogs. However, you may still be wondering, who are these #AIDAChampions?...

The Inside Scoop with Erik and Shelly

Meet Erik and Shelly Linder! Find out more about this busy couple. What was it like planning a wedding, dancing and graduating school all at the same time? What have...

Meet Sasha and Cheyenne!

Meet Sasha Altukhov and Cheyenne Murillo, the 2019 UK Open Professional Rising Star Champions! Read here to find out about their proudest accomplishment, why they had two honeymoons, and what...

How the Right Shoes Attribute Success

Shoes, the secret to success, and stability. The right pair of shoes could be the deciding factor between advancing to the final or being stuck in the semi, or even...


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