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How do I figure out my size?

AIDA shoes are measured in centimeters so to understand your size simply take your known US shoe size and add 17 to get an approximate length in centimeters. So if you are a 6US, you are most likely 23cm. For closed toe shoes please add 17.5cm.

(ie. 6US + 17= 23 centimeters)

Do the shoes stretch or "break in"?

AIDA shoes have a "break-in" period of a couple weeks depending on how often and for how long you wear them. This ensures that your shoes will take on the unique shape of your foot creating more support and comfort. When you first purchase your shoes they should fit very snug.

What if my feet are extra narrow?

Our shoes are hand made, customized to fit, and available in narrow, double narrow, and triple narrow.

What if my feet are extra wide?

Our shoes are hand made, customized to fit, and available in wide, double wide, and triple wide.

What heights do the heels come in?

Ladies' shoes come in 3.5in, 3.2in, 3in, 2.5in, or 2in Flare or Slim. Men's shoes are available in 2cm for Standard 4cm for Latin.

Can I still buy these shoes if my feet are two different sizes?

Yes, you can special order two different shoe sizes for an additional $50. All sales are final and available by phone call only!


Can I customize the fabric on my shoes to match my costume?

Yes. If you have a specific fabric you want to use you must first check with us if the material is thick enough. Then send 1 square meter of fabric before we send out your custom shoe order.

Do flare heels help with balance?

Flare is simply the style of the heel and is recommended for ladies Smooth and Standard shoes. In ladies Latin shoes the flare versus slim heel makes little difference in the comfort or balance of the shoe and is more of an aesthetic preference.

Are AIDA shoes more soft or supportive?

Our shoes are hand crafted with a supportive heel and arch. They will soften over time to give you the proper amount of comfort as well as support.

What if I have flat feet? Can I customize with arch support?

Our ladies Latin/ Rhythm shoes are available with an extra support called the "K-arch" for an additional $50.

Can I customize the color of the sole on my shoe?

Yes, we are currently carrying red and black soles for shoes in all styles.

What's the difference between round toe and square toe?

Round/Square toe may be more or less appropriate based on the unique shape of your foot and is necessary to make sure the fit is correct. Typycally people with a wider foot opt for the square toe.

Do you rhinestone shoes? What is the going rate?

Yes, send us your shoes and we can create your custom crystal design. Half of the heel cup is available for $200, and whole heel for $350.


Can I exchange my shoes for a different pair?

Please click here to learn about our Exchange and Return Policy.

Do I really need heel protectors?

It is highly recommended due to the friction that is created between the plastic composite heel and the dance floor for Ladies Latin/Rhythm and Standard/Smooth shoes. If you choose to for-go the heel protectors you will have to replace the heels of the shoe more often.

Can straps and buckles be replaced? Can heel tips be replaced?

Yes, straps, buckles, and heels can all be replaced for a small fee. Click here to learn more.

How often do I need a new pair of shoes?

For highly competitive dancers a new pair of shoes may be required every 3-4 months. For those less active, every 6 months.

How long will it take for me to receive my shoes?

If we have your shoes in stock up to 1 business week. If we have to create a custom order please allow 6-8 weeks to get your shoes.


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