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When the shoes get lighter, the moves get tighter.

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Endless practice in all-day comfort.

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Dancers that understand quality choose the best.

Over the past 10 years, the Aida Dance USA team has made tremendous progress in providing the dance community with the best-in-class dance shoes. Our goal is to consistently make dancers' dreams come true, full circle. Whatever you need, you will find it here.

Our commitment to constant and never-ending improvement makes us confident that if you aren't our client today, you will be tomorrow.

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Finding the right fit can be a nerve-wrecking experience for a dancer. Over the last 10 years we have helped thousands of dancers find the right fit and narrowed the process down to three parameters; toes have to be at the edge, no extra space in the heel cup, and the vamp must be snug but not crushing.

The perfect fit formula

The way all dance shoes are supposed to fit


Proper men's shoes are not easy to make. They take decades to perfect. We have invested twenty years into creating ergonomic dance shoes that support, perform, last, and impress. If you are a serious dancer, your choice is already made. Get yours.

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When you choose Aida, you get to be in control of your custom creations. There are over 30 shoe styles that can be modified 2,000+ different ways with virtually no limitations. Our team will help bring your vision to life.

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Do your toes slip out when you point your foot? Never again. Our smooth shoes feature a toe box that gives you full flexibility. While the closed front adds restraint, the rest of the frame gives your feet the needed support and comfort. Watch out for our smooth shoes taking over the dance floor!

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Our women standard shoes aim to give our clients superior arch support and exceptional balance. The specially designed soles provide superior stability. The soft padded cushion makes this style one of the most comfortable standard shoes on the market!

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Perfect for teaching or giving your feet a rest after a long practice. Our practice shoes sport a unique split sole design that delivers superior freedom and flexibility. They keep your feet fresh so you can continue to do what you love.

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