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How the Right Shoes Attribute Success

Shoes, the secret to success, and stability. The right pair of shoes could be the deciding factor between advancing to the final or being stuck in the semi, or even achieving first place versus settling for second… but not for the reasons you may presume.

The right pair of shoes, unlike any other garment you might wear, bears the weight of your world on their delicate soles and supports you, even when no one else might.The right pair of shoes keeps you standing tall, even when you're feeling small.
And in this world of uncertainty and insecurity, especially for us ballroom dancers, it's easy to get discouraged, lack confidence and be in need of a morale boost every now and then, and that's where the perfect pair of shoes come in. 
Being in an industry where everything from the color of your nose to the color of your toes is being judged, insecurities lie buried deep past the spray tans, and color of your garment. Unfortunately, most of those insecurities, whether they be self imposed or externally placed, are out of our control, and with so much in this world already out of our control, it's important to savor what we can, and one of the most important things we can control is to create is the perfect pair of shoes. Though requiring minimal effort, the result can maximize your career.
With success being purely a mindset, the mindset of wearing a new pair of shoes, designed to fit perfectly for you, supporting your arch in every which way possible, knowing there's none other like it, is a success of its own.
It provides you not only a sense of confidence but a physical sense of security. Customization from the sole to the tongue, your shoes help you stand out, stand up, and stand tall- helping you seem strong when you may be weak and tall even when you may fall short. Now with your shoes, fitted to your specifications, supporting your dancing, make you special, it is not about the leather, red bottoms, stones or all the other things we might tack onto our shoes, because it is not about the shoes, it is about what you do in them.
Your shoes will always remain a mantle, and you, the one who wears it, decides if you become the trophy in them.
But through the thick and thin whether you win or lose, your shoes will hold you tall, and support you the way they have been made to. The perfect pair of shoes not only takes you where you need to go, but gets you there shining. So although the right pair of shoes varies for each and every one of us, when you find them, you will know, and with your new found confidence, you will excel. And although each and every one of us has our own definition of success, with the right pair of shoes, whatever your desired destination may be, the shoes, will take you there.

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