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Win a FREE Pair of AIDA Dance Shoes Through Our #AIDAsOnPoint Contest!

Show us how on point your AIDAs are!

We are having a contest where you can win a free pair of AIDA dance shoes! Just when you thought a mid-October sale was what the (foot) doctor and your wallet ordered, we are having an October contest! You can win a free pair of AIDA dance shoes by simply sending a photo of yourself wearing your AIDA Dance shoes. We love all our dancers so much, that we are making it very easy to win a FREE pair of the best ballroom dance shoes by simply following these rules:

  • Take a photo of yourself wearing your AIDA dance shoes and pointing them to the MAX
    • The photo could be a selfie, a mirror selfie, or someone else taking the photo for you
    • The photo can include your whole body and face or just your feet, as long as the pointed AIDA dance shoes are showing
    • It can also be a previous photo from a competition or practice session
  • Post the photo on Instagram AND Facebook with the hashtag #AIDAsOnPoint
    • Post must be made by the 4th of November; no late entries allowed
  • Tag AIDA Dance USA in the photo
  • Photo must be original and one that has not been used on any of our social media outlets
  • Winner will be chosen by the AIDA Dance USA team and announce on November 5th

Do you have what it takes to be the most #onpoint in your AIDA dance shoes? Scroll through some of these for inspiration of the best way to take your #AIDAsOnPoint photo!

The photo could be either of a competition or practice. The choice is yours, but do get creative!

Show us how on point your point is! Flexibility and creativity get you extra "brownie" points.

See what we mean? We want you to get inspired and create your own masterpiece with our ballroom dance shoes!

Even children can get in on all the on point fun!

This contest isn't only for women but for men as well! We want you to show us just how flexible you can get your AIDA dance shoes!

Like they say, no pain, no gain!

Mirror selfies were all the rage in early 2000s, but #AIDAsOnPoint is bringing back that trend (only for a few weeks though).

Like we said, we want you to get creative! Maybe some AIDAs flying in the air will get your creativity juices flowing.

The point of this contest is not to only show just how flexible and versatile our shoes are, but to also get all our dancers involved in showing off that versatility. We have plenty of examples of how our AIDA Champions get their AIDAs on point, but now we want to see how ALL our dancers are able to do that. There is absolutely no wrong way to show us you get your AIDAs on point.

Well maybe there is, but it's still creative! But then again, don't feel the need to go over the top. A simple photo can be just as eye catching as a fancy one!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your AIDA dance shoes, a camera, and get to pointing!

In the meantime, scroll through these for added inspiration:

Even AIDA dance legend, Maria Manusova is getting in on all the on point fun!

How high can you get your AIDAs on point?

Remember to smile and look happy! (if you're taking a photo of your full body)

A nice silhouette always looks good. Play with your surroundings!

GOOD LUCK and may the most on point AIDAs win!

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