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AIDA Dance USA Couple Have Incredible Results Representing the Best Ballroom Dance Shoes at The International Championships at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England

AIDA Dance couples had amazing results at The Internationals, including our multiple first place medals! When you're a high level competitive dancer, Professional or Amateur, you tend to dance a lot of competitions, sometimes with barely any rest in between. Well our couples exemplified that perfectly as some of them danced THREE competitions in one week! The International Championships is the first major international competition of the competitive season, and is sandwiched between two other competitions, Europa Imperial Championships and The London Ball. Some of our couples danced 3 times in a 5 day span! That is what we call dedication!

The week started off with some of our couples competing at the Europa Imperial Championships, and our couples showed just why they are considered some of the best in the world!

  • Dan Malov and Anna Kaczmarski - 2nd in the Amateur Ballroom Championships 
  • Vlad Shakhov and Ekaterina Popova - 3rd in the Professional Ballroom Championships 
  • Pasha Stepanchuk and Gabriella Sabler - 9th in the Amateur Latin Championships
  • Nikolai Tarasov and Sarah Nolan- 19th in the Amateur Latin Championships 
  • Andrei Kazlouski and Asta Sigvaldadottir - 4th in the Professional Latin Championships 
  • Alexey Karaulov and Vlada Karaulova - 11th in the Professional Latin Championships 
    This was an absolutely fabulous way to start off The International Championships, as our couples were off to Brentwood, England to dance the qualifying rounds of the competition before heading to the Royal Albert Hall. Most of our couples qualified for the Royal Albert Hall in London, England and some even WON their respective categories! It is everyone's dream to dance at the Royal Albert Hall, which is arguably the most famous entertainment hall in England! 

  • Stefano Di Filippo and Dasha Chesnokova - 2nd in the Professional Latin Championships
  • Sarunas Greblikas and Viktoria Horeva - 13th in the Professional Latin Championships 
  • Andrei Kazlouski and Asta Sigvaldadottir - 15th in the Professional Latin Championships
  • Manuel Favila and Natalia Maid9uk - 17th in the Professional Latin Championships 
  • Aleksandr Altukhov and Cheyenne Murillo - 2nd in the RS Professional Latin Championships and 25th in the Professional Latin Championships
  • Richard Lifshitz and Laura Robinson - 1st in the RS Professional Latin Championships and 28th in the Professional Latin Championships
  • Alexey Karaulov and Vlada Karaulova - 36th in the Professional Latin Championships 
  • Jake Davies and Alyona Kalinina - 20th in the RS Professional Latin Championships
  • Dan Malov and Anna Kaczmarski - 34th in the Amateur Ballroom Championships 
  • Vladislav Shakhov and Ekaterina Popova - 17th in the Professional Ballroom Championships
  • Pasha Stepanchuk and Gabriella Sabler - Top 24 in the Amateur Latin Championships 
  • Tal Livshitz and Ilana Keselman - Top 24 in the Amateur Latin Championships 
  • Alexander Chernositov and Arina Grishanina - Top 24 in the Amateur Latin Championships 

  • Even our International couples got in on all the amazing results, including 8 of the 12 Semi-Finalists in the Professional Latin being AIDA Champions!!!

  • Nikita Brovko and Olga Urumova - 6th in the Professional Latin Championships
  • Kirill Belorukov and Polina Teleshova - 5th in the Professional Latin Championships 
  • Dorin Frecautanu and Maria Sergeeva - 3rd in the Professional Latin Championships 
  • Nino Langella and Andra Vaidilaite - 7th in the Professional Latin Championships 
  • Morten Lowe and Roselina Doneva - 8th in the Professional Latin Championships 
  • Mirco Risi and Svetlana Borisova - 12th in the Professional Latin Championships 
  • Klemen Prasnikar & Alexandra Averkieva - 2nd in the Amateur Latin Championships 
  • Damir Haluzan & Anna Mashchyts - 3rd in the Amateur Latin Championships 
  • Diego Arias Prado & Ekaterina Ermolina - 3rd in the Amateur Ballroom Championships 

    After competing for a grueling two days, some of our couples decided to dance at The London Ball, where some of the best couples from The Internationals competed. Check out their results here:

  • Alexander Chernositov and Arina Grishanina - 6th in the Amateur Latin Championships
  • Nikolai Tarasov and Sarah Nolan - 13th in the Amateur Latin Championships
  • Dan Malov and Anna Kaczmarski - 14th in the Amateur Ballroom Championships

    We are very proud of our couples who showed just what it means to be an AIDA Champion. Some of our couples literally danced 4 times in a span of 6 days! If that is not dedication to the art and craft, then we do not know what is. 
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