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How Should Your AIDA Dance Shoes Fit to Ensure that You Get the Best Ballroom Dance Shoe Fit

Best ballroom dance shoes only stands up to its name when the fit is perfect for you. Many people ask us for advice on what's a good fit. We always repeat the same three things:

1. Your toes have to be right at the edge.
2 The straps over the toe box must be tight.
3. No room in the heel cup.

If one of these three is missing, you probably are wearing a wrong size, whether it's AIDA Dance USA shoes or some other brand!

Some other useful tips:

1) It's okay if your toes are hanging over the toe box, some even prefer it!
2) When deciding between a Square or Round Toe Box, if your index toe is bigger than your big toe, then chances are you would need a Round Toe! This is NOT an exact science and there are exceptions to this rule.
3) NEVER get a shoe that is too big. You can always stretch a shoe, but you can never shrink one.

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