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Dancer Spotlight - Nikolai Tarasov

Nikolai Tarasov is a USA National Champion in Ten-Dance and a National Semi-Finalist in the Adult Amateur Latin division. But even with these titles and accomplishments, what makes Nikolai stand out from so many dancers, is his desire to give back to the world.

Nikolai is one of the only two dancers whom we have sponsored with multiple partners. In 2013, he became our second sponsored dancer ever and when he switched partners a year later, the choice was simple for us: sponsor Nikolai with his new partner, Amanda Marie Herrschaft.

We firmly believe that a dancer's character is not measured by what he does on the dance floor, but rather what he does off the dance floor. Nikolai is a prime example of compassion, loyalty, and good-will. From his unsolicited, but highly appreciated, help during competitions we vend at to his will to spread love through dance on the streets of San Francisco, Nikolai's character of the floor is what makes his truly unique.

He has worked on projects with various organizations dancing with strangers on the street and with under-privileged kids in various dance studios. He has offered his home to us and to his fellow competitors when there is a dance competition in San Francisco! He has bought shoes for one of his younger students with his own money, on at least two different occasions. He is literally the perfect representative of our brand and that is why we are so happy to have his as part of our team!

Thank you Nikolai for being such an amazing sponsored dancer!

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