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AIDA Dance USA Will be Offering a Discount Code Due to Late Shipments Caused by the Summer Factory Break!

If you are a long time AIDA dancer, then you are all too familiar with the summer factory shutdown. A period of time that every dancer who needs an AIDA re-up dreads. A time where one month of inactivity causes hundreds of back logged orders leading to long periods of waiting for our loyal dancers. This, understandably, leads to frustration. Frustration that we try to diffuse. 

We strive to make every single one of our dancers' experiences as pleasant and easy as possible. But sometimes things are really out of our hands. Although we get first priority when it comes to order fulfillment, we unfortunately do not dictate when the factories are open and at what speed they operate. With that being said, we do not want our dancers to feel scorned or as if they are not cared for. For a company who prides ourselves in taking care of our clients, this would literally be the worst situation.

With that being said, we are offering our dancers a $10 discount using the code "RoughTimes" for any order over $50 until September 1st. We understand that this won't make it up to those who have waited over 2 months for their shoes, but we hope it helps alleviate that frustration. We value every single one of our dancers, and this impromptu promotion is a small example of that.

Our staff are currently working overtime to ensure that all orders made during the factory shutdown get fulfilled as soon as possible! Thank you for understanding and continuing to choose AIDA dance shoes!

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jessica ponte

1. I just placed an order but forgot to enter the Roughtimes discount code. Is there . anyway to still get the discount?
2. Can you make any of the Mens Latin shoes in a size 13 US?

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