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AIDA Dance USA Offers Any Women Dance Shoe You Can Possibly Need for Ballroom Dancing

One dance shoe company to rule them all. From Latin to Smooth to practice to children's shoes, AIDA Dance USA will fulfill any and all your dance shoes needs. So lets take a moment to recap the what, how, and why of all our different dance shoe styles. AIDA Dance USA offers you 5 different dance shoe styles for women to choose from for you dancing needs:

Women Latin

This is our most popular category and what, you can say, put us on the ballroom dance map. You can use these shoes for either International Latin or American Rhythm, or both if you're feeling ambitious in your dance pursuits. Dancers have fallen in love with the different offerings we have in this category mainly because of the quality structure of the shoe and the many different customizations you can make. From different widths to different heel heights/styles to the many various materials we offer, you can literally makes tens of thousands of different variations of our Women Latin shoes. What truly makes our Latin and Rhythm shoes stand out though is the unique high quality structure of the shoe:

  • Soft padded insole - from the moment you put on our Latin dance shoes on, the first thing you feel is the soft padded sole that is cushioning your foot. This leads to many of our AIDA converts who have used third party insoles in their ballroom dance shoes, to cease using those and simply go "all natural" with the AIDA insole
  • Indented Heel - once you stand on the shoe, you will automatically feel more balance. This is because of our proprietary heel design where the heel is placed in the middle of your actual heel pushing up and forward onto the balls of your feet where you have the most balance and control of you weight.
  • Flexibility AND Support - when trying on ballroom dance shoes, you are likely to have a shoe with flexibility but no support, or a rough and rigid shoe that provides support with no flexibility. With AIDA Dance shoes you get the best of both worlds! The strong arch support does not impede with the flexibility of the toe box.

Our most popular models are the Karina (070E) and Andra (080E) models pictured on the right. The Karina model has over 8,000 variations to choose from! The Andra model is best used for feet that have a more narrow fit since the braided front pulls in the straps to be a bit more narrow. We also offer versatile options such as the Nikolishina (071E) and the Alyona (068E) for shoes that swell during practices with adjustable buckles on the toe box of the shoe.

Women Standard

When it comes to our Standard Ballroom shoes for women, we pride ourselves in the maximum support our shoe offers. We have many different styles of Women Standard shoes and all of them are customizable in a lot of different ways. The most popular styles are the Basyuk (044E) and the Katerina (040P). There are a number of ways you can customize our Women Ballroom shoes with the main ways being:

  • Width - the toe box of the shoe comes in Narrow, Regular, Wide, Double Wide, and Triple Wide. There is no more need to compensate for wide feet by getting shoes that are too big!
  • Toe Box Shape - there are two choices for this particular option, Pointed (S1) or Rounded (S2). For wider feet, we recommend using the Rounded (S2) toe box.
  • Heel type/height - when it comes to standard shoes, you can choose three different heel types (Slim, Flare, or Skinny Flare) and two different heel heights (2 inches or 2.5 inches). We highly recommend using a a flare of skinny flare heel for more surface area during heel turns. 

Women Smooth

Our women smooth shoes have two main options:

  • Perzhu (030E) - this style is the classic smooth shoe. The crossover strap really stabilizes your foot and allows for extra hold and support. The soft padding on the insole and sturdy arch support allows for flexibility and support at the same time!
  • Veronika (031E) - this is the style you want if you are looking for ultimate flexibility. The braided front allows you to point your feet as to their maximum level and at the same time the foot is held at a higher level so that you have an extra hold on your foot. This ensures that your foot never slips out!












Our Smooth shoes provide your feet with maximum support, flexibility, and style!

Women Practice

If you are a serious dancer, you are on the practice floor for hours on end on a weekly basis. If you teach, then you are on the dance floor for hours on end daily! So make sure you give your feet the ultimate comfort and support. Our women practice shoes have what is known as the split-sole design. This particular design of the split-sole is different than anything you've witnessed before because unlike other split-soles our design provides you with both flexibility AND support. This is to ensure that not only is your foot allowed for maximum maneuverability but also for maximum arch support as well. With a mendable wire running down the middle of the arch, our design is unique and proprietary to our shoe!

AIDA Dance USA offers two main options for Women Practice shoes:

  • Black Leather - this particular model is more durable (meaning it will last longer), allows for more breathability for your foot (because of the perforated leather), and matches with any practice dress/pants! This is our best selling practice model.
  • Leopard Satin - for the brave souls who want to stand out even on the practice floor then this is the model for you. The main benefit of this model is that the satin is softer and more mendable than the black leather. The issues becomes with durability. These shoes will last a long time but ONLY IF you take care of them, meaning don't wet them!



Your feet are what support and balance you throughout your whole life. It is important to always take care of your feet and ensure that you are tending to them the best way you can. That is why it is of paramount importance that you show your feet love from a young age, especially if you are participating in a hobby/lifestyle that adds so much stress to your feet. Make sure your children's feet are well taken care of from the moment they start dancing to ensure that they do not have to schedule frequent visits to the podiatrist later on in life.

Our children's shoes provide your children's feet with the utmost care and support that they deserve, and frankly need. Yes, our children's shoes are on the expensive end, but it is a whole lot better than racking up medical bills because you decided to skimp out on taking care of your feet at a young age. 

With all that being said, here are some of the most important (and supportive) aspects of our children's shoes that will help ensure that your children's feet do not have never ending problems:

  • Highest quality material - soft, yet firm, the material we use for our shoes make sure that your feet are comfortable and supported at the same time
  • Padded insole - it's no secret that ballroom dancing is quite rough on your feet and that is why it is important to provide your feet with as much comfort as possible. Using soft padding for your sole will help mitigate calluses and bunions on your feet. Please think about your children's feet's future!
  • Savvy design for maximum comfort and support - as you've already read from previous descriptions our shoes are designed to ensure that your feet are well taken care of!

The children's shoes come in many different styles, with various heel types as well. From a Cuban Heel to a Kitten Heel, your can choose what you children's current level syllabus is stating in terms of dress code. 

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