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Take a Look Back at 2015 for AIDA Dance US and Our Couple's Best Moments Wearing the Best Ballroom Dance Shoes!

AIDA Dance had an amazing 2015 thanks to all the support of our dancers, sponsored couples and fans! From having an unprecedented amount of World Champions to countless National Finalists, AIDA Dance US Sponsored couples showed the world their true success!

1) AIDA Dance US had World Champions and Top 3 finishes in all of the following major categories:

  • Silver Medalists in the World Professional Latin - Maurizio Vescovo and Andra Vaidilaite  
  • Bronze Medalists in the World Professional Latin - Stefano Di Filippo and Dasha Chesnokova
  • World Champions in the World Amateur Latin - Morten Loewe and Roselina Doneva
  • World Champions in the World Under-21 Latin - Adam Hathazi and Morgana Lakatos-Hayward
  • World Champions in the World Under-21 and Under-19 Ballroom - Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski

That means of the 6 major World Championships, AIDA Dance couples won 3 of the 6 and had Top 3 finishes in 4 of them! That is what you call #ChampionsChooseAIDA

2) AIDA Dance US sponsored more couples this year, than any of our other years! We've added 7 new couples to our list of sponsored couples and champions and all have had an amazing 2015. From Rhythm to Youth Latin/Ballroom to Theatrical, we expanded our reach of sponsoring the best of the best.

3) AIDA Dance US traveled to an unprecedented amount of competitions in 2016 making stops in the Amateur and Professional National Championships in Provo, Utah and Orlando, Florida. We ended our year at one of the most prestigious domestic competitions in the country, the Holiday Dance Classic!

4) AIDA Dance US had finalists and champions in all the major competitions in the world, from UK Open to Blackpool. One of the highlights was the new Amateur Latin Champions being crowned at the Blackpool Dance Festival, Nikita Brovko and Olga Urumova.

5) AIDA introduced two brand new Men's Models, the Stefano and the Voronovich. Both of these models have been very popular amongst our dancers and a lot of people are adding these models to their #AIDACollection!

6) We had one of our sponsored couples featured on the American Hit TV Show, America's Got Talent! Craig Smith and Micheline Marmol made it into the Top 10 of the show, but fell just short of the Semi-Final.

7) We launched our AIDA Rewards program and discounts, helping people save hundreds of dollars from their shoes! 

This year would not have been possible without you! We want to thank you for helping us write our story and allowing us to provide the perfect ballroom dance shoe for you! We hope your 2016 is fantastic and even better than 2015!

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