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Taking Care of Your AIDA Dance Shoes is Quick, Simple and Could Save You a lot of Money!

AIDA Ballroom Dance shoes are the industry's most comfortable and durable shoes but if you follow the provided care instructions below, your shoes will last even longer!

After an intense workout it is necessary to dry the shoes. You can use plain newspapers (preferably one that does not stain) and/or put it in front of a fan. It is recommended to dry the shoes only at room temperature, away from any heat. Furthermore, you should keep the shoes in textile bags, which allows for air circulation. If you do not dry your shoes and keep them in a plastic bag instead, they can accumulate moisture.     Regardless of the potential damage to the shoes, this is also highly unhygienic and could result in further problems. The heels of our shoes contain a hardboard material that can become loose when exposed to a large amount of moisture. As a consequence, the heel can loosen and begin to wobble. If you  purchased shoes from natural patent leather, which is very delicate, you should be very careful. Moisture can soak the material to the point of deterioration and cause the patent to crack, rip, and deteriorate after the shoes dry up.

Do not dampen the sole of the shoe with water too much. Excessive amount of water can cause the sole to detach from the shoes. We recommend special shoe brushes to clean the sole in between practices.

Use shoes that are your correct size and are a good fit if you want them to last you longer.

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