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Blackpool Dance Festival is Upon Us and AIDA Dance US Couples are Ready for the Year's Most Prestigious Ballroom Dance Competition

AIDA Ballroom Dancing Shoes will help anyone in Blackpool this year! With the first day of Blackpool behind us already, it's exciting to think about what the next 6 days hold for us! Blackpool Dance Festival is the year's most prestigious dance competition and is the culmination of the Ballroom Dance season before the summer break.

There are three major England competitions, with Blackpool being the most prestigious of the three. The Internationals in The Albert Hall in London starts off the season in early October with the UK Open in Bournemouth following in January. The Blackpool Dance Festival is the culmination of the season and winning this competition means you have the bragging rights for the end of the season! Winning the treble is actually not a rare feat and this year shouldn't be different with the Professional Latin, Amateur Latin and Professional Ballroom events having the possibility of winning the treble.

The Blackpool Dance Festival is hosted at the World Famous Winter Gardens in the city of Blackpool, England. The space is one of the most beautiful ballrooms in the world, although the city itself isn't something to be proud of as it is the equivalent of a rundown Atlantic City boardwalk. 

To sum it up, winning the Blackpool Dance Festival is more prestigious than winning the World Championships. Aaaah, you gotta love the logic of Ballroom Dancers.

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