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Stand out on the floor with a custom stoning accent!

Ever see the dancers with bling on their shoes? Ever wonder how or why they do it? This little article is for you! Read on, and educate yourself on the art of glamorizing your Aida Shoes!

Everyone knows that the ultimate way to stand out on the dance floor is not only dancing your best, but also looking your best. Whether it is ballroom, latin, smooth or rhythm, a great way to add another dimension to your look on the floor is by stoning your shoes. 


Stoning is great way to show off all the hard work and practice that have gone in to making your footwork perfect. There are many different places on your shoes that you can stone. You can cover your entire show or just simply a small part to make the perfect design. The heel and the straps are great places to start if you're new to the stoning experience and just want to experiment with a little bit of sparkle. If you're a more experienced stone artist or just want to add more sparkle to your look, opt for stoning not only the straps and the heel but also the outside of the cup. This will add the most sparkle and be the most visible on the floor. If you are going for something more unexpected, you can also stone the underside of the shoe and heel. This adds a surprise element every time you pick up your foot. Men can even get in on the action by stoning the heel of their shoes, that way your partnership stands out even more on the floor. 

There are many different color and design options that you can go with, but most people choose crystal or crystal ab rhinestones because they match the most dresses, making your investment in your shoes go even further. 


Speaking of price, stoning can be expensive. There are two reasons for this: the cost of stones and the labor behind it.

Rhinestones have an eight facet unique cut on them that allow them to pick up the stage lights and make them shine bright. They are also super light weight and won't make your shoes heavy.

Stoning is very labour intensive. In order to stone shoes, it is necessary to have a lot of patience, time, a wax tipped pen, and the stones themselves. Sometimes a bottle of wine and Netflix help, if you are able to concentrate and adhere to the design that you have in mind. To be able to glue the stones to the shoe, the wax on the candle or the wax tipped pen must be warm. Picking up each stone and placing it on the small drop of glue that is on the shoe takes precision and practice. After repeating this many times for many hours, the shoes must sit and dry for at least twenty-four hours to ensure that all the stones stay in place and do not fall off. 

Although it is an investment, stoning your shoes can add a gorgeous advantage to your dancing. The sparkle and shine that it adds to your look, as well as having the judges notice your impeccable footwork is worth every dollar that you spend.

You are welcome to play around with it yourself, or you can hire us to stone the shoes for you! This option is available when ordering any pair on our website, but you can also request that we stone something that you already own. Stoning can range from $150 to $300, based on what exactly you want done.

Beauty requires sacrifices!

Check out some of our designs, and follow us on Instagram to see what our regular clients come up with!

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