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This Year’s Empire Dance Championships Left AIDA Dance US with Only One Impression: WOW!

This year AIDA Dance shoes set up the AIDA Booth for the first time at the Empire Dance Championships and it only be fitting that this is also the first year that AIDA Dance Legends, Alan Tornsberg and Vibeke Toft, are organizers of the event. From the new beautiful venue at the heart of Times Square to the energizing atmosphere of the audience and dancers, Empire Dance Championships was perfect from head to toe. AIDA Dance US could not have asked for a better event in our hometown of New York.

Empire Dance Championships really did capture the essence of New York, especially with their show the “Streets of New York”! Just like the competition itself, the show was vibrant, entertaining and full of life. The show featured a wide array of dances that all had an underlying New York theme. From Tango in Harlem to breakdancing in Brooklyn, you can see the whole show here:

AIDA Dance US would like to truly thank the organizers of this event, Alan Tornsberg, Vibeke Toft, Giampiero Giannico, and Katharina Giannico, for putting together such an amazing competition and letting AIDA Dance US be a part of it. Being able to display our handmade shoes that so many champions choose in an event organized by so many champions is truly fitting.

After such a wonderful event, AIDA Dance US is looking forward to the New York Dance Festival organized by another pair of AIDA Dance Legends, Eugene Katsevman and Maria Manusova, in February of 2016. This is surely to be an event for the ages, with a show that is set to rival that of the “Streets of New York” performance at the Empire Dance Championships.

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