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Amanda (082E)


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This model is a variant of the famous Karina Smirnoff (070E), but with a twist! You will be happily surprised by a glistening circular rhinestone design when you get this hand-made pair! Unlike other models, it connects the intertwined straps underneath itself. This embellishment adds an extra dimension and accent to the interlacing. It is now available with a red or black sole! Some features of this shoe include:

  • Exceptional balance
  • Strong arch support
  • Soft padded insole
  • Elegant design
  • Durability on the dance floor


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    Amanda (082E)



    What are these numbers? What size do I need?

    We use centimeters to deduce your perfect size. If you aren't sure how long your foot is in centimeters just grab some paper, a pen, and a ruler. Trace your foot on a flat piece of paper and measure the length and the width down the middle.

    If what I order fits wrong, can I send it back?

    Yes, as long as the shoes haven't been worn, the stickers are in tact, and you didn't get them on sale. Find our detailed returned policy at the bottom of this page for restocking fee and shipping information.

    This is too much! I need help!

    We understand. It is overwhelming at first. Sizes, materials, heels. You want to get right from first try, and so do we. Please click the "Questions? We can help" bubble and you will be connected with a representative via text right away.

    I can't select what I need. What do I do?

    If there is something missing, like a size, a width, or a material, it's not the end. We limit selections to not overwhelm the general public. If you need something unique, please click the chat box and we will help you with the order by phone.


    How soon can I get my shoes?

    If we have the shoes in stock you can expect them within a week. If we must make it, it will take at least 2 months.

    How will I know my order is coming?

    You will get an email with a tracking number once we get the shoes dropped off and dispatched to you.

    I have an emergency. What do I do?

    Contact us via the chat bubble on the bottom of the page. We will do everything in our power to help you.


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