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Shane & Shannon Jensen

Shane is originally from Sandy, Utah where he grew up doing Olympic gymnastics. His dream  was to compete in the Olympics one day and attend Brigham Young University as part of their  mens gymnastics team. However, the university absolved the team and with it his dream. He then attended a high school ballroom concert, in which his older brother was performing in, and from then on he was hooked. He began dancing and never looked back. 

Shannon Jensen grew up in Provo, Utah. Her parents danced as members of the BYU  ballroom program and she swore she would never dance because, “dancing is for sissies”. She  later ate her own words when she had to fill an elective credit in high school and was forced to  take a ballroom dance class. She then told her mother that she was going to dance  professionally some day. And the rest is history. 

Having grown up learning all styles of ballroom dance, for Shane and Shannon, the decision to  compete professionally in certain categories was made difficult as they love all styles of  ballroom dance. Eventually, they decided to limit how many styles they competed in as there  are only so many hours within a day. The decision was made to focus on American Rhythm,  Cabaret and Theatrical Ballroom. The couple currently trains and teach independently in Bonita Springs, Florida. 

Throughout their time as professionals they have enjoyed great success. Their  accomplishments include: 

  • 2 Time British Open Invitational Cabaret Champions 
  • 5 Time Current and Undefeated United States National Cabaret Champions
  • 4 Time Current World Cabaret Champions 
  • 4 Time United States National Theatrical Ballroom Champions 
  • United States National American Rhythm Grand Finalists 
  • Unites States National Rising Star American Rhythm Champions


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