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Salvatore Sinardi & Sasha Kondrashova

Salvo Sinardi and Alexandra Kondrashova are an Amateur Latin couple representing Italy. They have been dancing together since November 2020, starting just at the end of the Covid pandemic. Salvo is from Sicily, the home of the notorious “Godfather”. He grew up in Italy, where he began dancing at the age of 8 in a small studio close to his hometown. Salvo had always had a particular favor to music, and had taken up playing the drums at the same time. After a few months of doing both activities, he was forced to choose between the two, and decided to start to train more seriously in his dancing. At the age of 23, when he had an opportunity to take his dancing career to the next level, Salvo relocated to Asia. Alexandra, on the other hand, was born in Philadelphia. Her parents are originally from Moldova. She started dancing at the early age of 5, in a small studio in Brooklyn, NY. Her parents relocated to San Francisco in 2005, where she continued her training. Since the dancing scene was more prestigious and competitive in NY, Alexandra moved back to the East Coast to continue pursuing her passion in 2014. She has lived between California and New York for most of her life, until 2020 when she partnered up with Salvo and moved to Hong Kong. Now they live and train mainly in Hong Kong, but are constantly traveling around the globe for training and competitions. Outside of dancing, Salvo and Alexandra enjoy sightseeing in new places wherever they travel, running, yoga, and watching movies.

In his previous partnership, Salvo was finalist in the British Open, United Kingdom, and International Championships, champion of the Dutch Open, and vice-champion of the World Amateur Latin Championships. In Alexandra’s previous partnership, she was semi-finalist of the British Open and International Championships, and finalist of the World Amateur Latin Championships and the United Kingdom Championships. Together, they are the 2022 British Open Amateur Latin Championships, Italian Champions, finalists of the United Kingdom and International Championships, and vice-champions of the World Amateur Latin Championships.


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