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Ron Garber & Klaudia Petriti

Klaudia was born in Korca, Albania. She grew up in Sarasota, Fl where she took her first Ballroom group class. She immediately fell in love with dancing and knew it was something she wanted to do the rest of her life! At the age of 18, Klaudia ditched her school books, and got a one way ticket to NYC to pursue her dreams of becoming a top dancer. While living in Brooklyn, Klaudia would spend the mornings working as a barista at a local coffee shop and spent the evenings as a hostess to make ends meet. Let's just say, she can make a mean Cappuccino! When Klaudia isn't dancing, she loves working out and running. 

Ron was first introduced to dance when his family moved from Israel to the United States. As a young dancer, Ron was very lucky to have been introduced to world class dancers whenever they made their way through Boston, MA. It was dancers like Michael Wentink, Beata Onefater and Marcus Homm, who inspired Ron to follow his dream of being a competitive dancer. By the age of 17, Ron was the United States Champion in Youth Latin and went on to represent the US at the World Championships in the Czech Republic. Later that year he made an appearance on Dancing With The Stars Season 14 as part of the spinoff series “Ballroom Battle”. Soon after, Ron moved to New York City to continue to pursue his dreams of being a dancer and working with the best teachers in the world. Outside of dance, Ron also loves hiking, skiing and anything to do with the outdoors. Ron graduated from Northeastern University School of Business Administration and now works at a public accounting firm in manhattan as a tax professional.  

When Ron and Klaudia started dancing, they were learning both Standard and Latin. Over time it was clear that they were extremely passionate about International Latin. Why you may ask. For Klaudia, it's all about the music. Klaudia grew up listening to many Latin artists because of her parents. They would enjoy listening to Spanish music on their car rides even though they didn't speak the language! Over the years, Klaudia realized that she needed to expand her knowledge and discipline in Latin American Dancing. Ron was also drawn to Latin music, and he was very inspired by the top Latin dancers at the time. Ron and Klaudia started their dance journey together when they officially met at a Salsa club in Miami. They felt the rhythms pumping through their hearts and veins in perfect syncopation and they literally haven't stopped dancing together since! 

Klaudia and Ron have since been Amateur Latin Finalists in many of the top US competitions. Some of their accomplishments include: New York Dance Festival Amateur Latin Finalists, Ohio Star Ball Amateur Latin Finalists, La Classique du Quebec Amateur Latin Finalists. Klaudia and Ron believe it's important to always be authentic in anything you do. They also believe that you can do anything you put your mind to. Ron and Klaudia hope to inspire their audience, students, and leave a mark in our dance industry! 


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