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Przemyslaw Modrzynski & Magdalena Zybura

Magdalena was born in Greece but grew up in Tarnow, Poland. She played violin for 3 years, then for 5 years she trained fencing, winning the championship of the region. During one of the events Magdalena saw ballroom dancing for the first time and fell in love with it! The saber was replaced with high heels, but without having a dance partner, she waited patiently for 2 years to compete. Since then, she had 7 partners and relocated 6 times for them. She had few roles as a dancer in a polish tv series and commercials. Dancing didn’t stop her to education though, she has a master degree in International Relationships from University in Krakow, Poland.


Shem was born and raised in Swinoujscie, Poland. He was dedicated to karate but at the age of 13 he started to dance. He owes his career to the pretty girls from the club and a passion of being a winner 😉 He is the oldest of 3 brothers. At one point they were all dancing at the same time. He quickly became one of the best dancers in the region and later won the Polish Championships, as well as, becoming a finalist in 10-dance. After moving to Warsaw, he became a dancer on the TV Show “Dancing with the Stars”, dancer in the National Opera and stage concerts. Beside dancing, he has a Master’s Degree in Physical Education from Szczecin University.


Shem and Magdelena met in 2018 when Magdalena considered terminating her career in dance but Shem and their coaches made it all happen. They very quickly earned some of the best results in their careers and this is when they got an invitation to move to a dance studio in Los Angeles.

Dancing together they became:

  • Winners of Blackpool China in RS Latin, Shanghai
  • Winners of Professional RS at competitions in Las Vegas, San Jose, Palm Desert, Los Angeles
  • Finalist of World Championships 2022, Las Vegas
  • Finalist of United States Dancesport Championships, Orlando
  • Semi-finalist of Blackpool and International Championships in Rising Star Latin, England

During the pandemic, they got married. They also moved from Los Angeles to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and change from Latin to American Rhythm. They both needed a new challenge in dancing, and felt going out of the comfort zone would give them the possibility to express themselves in the dancing more than before.

In dance, they strongly believe in a woman-man relationship on the floor with the use of the main strengths and passion that can be shown through the movement. They pay attention to the highest quality products, using Aida dance shoes for over 10 years now.


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