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Evgenii Grinin & Olga Morozova

Evgenii Grinin and Olga Morozova were born in Russia, Murmansk. They started their dance career at the age of six. Olga's mother always wanted her daughter to be educated in different fields. This led her to sign Olga up for art, music and dance schools in her area. In the filed of dance, not everything was smooth sailing. Olga had trouble finding the same age partner who was fit for her height. Olga graduated from "St. Petersburg University of Economics and Management" with a degree in Social and Culture service and tourism, as well as a degree in "Jurisprudence".  Evgenii had never dreamed of becoming a dancer. Like many other boys he liked basketball and taekwondo. At his first taekwondo competition he unfortunately didn't show the desired results, and therefore decided to proceed with dance.

In 2006 Evgenii and Olga both were looking for a dance partner. When they first met up, they didn't like each other. But their parents and coaches had a different opinion, that's how they started their joint dance career. Evgenii and Olga fell in love with International Ballroom. The character of music, the elegance of movement reflected in both of their personalities. 

Over fourteen years of their joint dance career Evgenii and Olga became multiple time Champions of the Northwestern Federal district of Russia, Silver medalist of the Russian DanceSport Ranking, winners and finalists of numerous international competitions in Russia and abroad (Germany, Poland, Finland, Estonia). They became a part of the delegation to deliver the Olympic Flame to the North Pole. This couple were awarded a title of "Master of Sport of Russia". In USA they work as instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Wayne, Pennsylvania and continue to participate in various dance events all over the country. 

Some of their many achievements include: 
  • 3rd place RS Ballroom - King's Ball 2019
  • 2nd place RS Ballroom - Yeulitate 2019
  • 1st place RS Ballroom, 3rd place Open Ballroom - Nashville Starz 2020
  • 3rd place RS Ballroom - Snow Ball 2020
  • 2nd place RS Ballroom - Maryland DanceSport 2020
  • RS Ballroom finalist - NYDF 2020
  • 1st place RS ballroom - Cleveland Dance Challenge 2021

The overall goal of both Evgenii and Olga is to be the the National Champions.  


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