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Angel Peguero & Stephany Moore

Stephany Moore is a Latin Dancer, born in Venezuela and raised in South Florida. At the age of six, Stephany took her first ballet class. After several years, Stephany traded in her ballet shoes for a camera. At the age of 14, she ventured into modeling and acting under the guidance of Barbizon Modeling and Acting school. Finally, at age 17 is when she discovered her passion for Latin Dance. Stephany learned her first Salsa steps at Prestige Dance Company, where she trained for seven years. Since then, she has traveled the world while training and competing in various countries such as Mexico, Italy, and all over the US. Stephany has had the honor of performing with amazing artists such as Prince Royce, Shelia E, and Roberto Roena. She has also participated in the World Salsa Summit, winning first place alongside one of her dance coaches, Melanie Castillo. Stephany is currently living in New York City, where she is advancing in her Salsa training and establishing herself as a New York dancer to keep an eye on! In addition to being a passionate dancer, Stephany Moore is a self-taught Makeup Artist and educator based in NYC who found her passion for beauty directly through her initial passion and profession, Latin Dance. Being a Latin Dancer and Salsa performer at a young age, Stephany grew an admiration for the art of makeup and all of its forms. Today, Stephany shares her knowledge on makeup in her weekly lessons, monthly bookings, and master classes- including all sorts of techniques, such as stage makeup, wedding makeup, everyday makeup, high impact makeup, along with many others. Stephany is known for her charismatic personality, and often complimented for her ability to thoroughly explain each step for all her looks.

Angel Peguero is a Dominican Native, born in New York City, and raised in Philadelphia. Angel started off as a sport’s athlete, multi-talented in various sports; predominantly in boxing, basketball, and football. At the age of 18, Angel discovered his passion for Latin dance and never looked back. He began his training with 4x World Champion, Darlin Garcia, then also trained with 2x World Champion, Noel Rodriguez. Angel learned various styles of Latin dance, such as Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue. Angel has competed in the World Salsa Summit where he won 3 World Champion titles. He has trained in various countries including Italy, China, and Canada. While teaching in his workshops, Angel is known for his charisma and high energy, all while challenging his students with dynamic shines and intricate partner work. Today, Angel resides in New York City where he continues to train and establish himself as a rising star in the New York Dance Scene!

Together, Angel and Stephany are a force to be reckoned with! After debuting their first routine on November 2018, this young couple quickly developed a fan base all over the world. Within their first couple of months performing, they have been invited to teach and perform throughout the United States, Singapore and Cuba! Currently Angel and Stephany offer weekly online Salsa lessons to their students all over the world and offer weekly in-person partner work lessons at Empire Mambo Dance Studio, in the heart of NYC, Times Square! This ambitious and charismatic couple has begun making their mark in the Latin dance community, earning recognition and respect from their mentors and peers.



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