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Alon Gilin & Maria Bavyko

We are Alon Gilin and Maria Bavyko. Maria is originally from Kyrgyzstan and Alon was born in Israel but grew up in Canada.
Maria is a professional hairstylist and makeup artist for ballroom dancers, where she excels at a high level in her field. She graduated university with a degree in international relations. Alon has a strong passion for electronic/alternative music, which he has been into producing since he was in his teenage years.
Maria started ballroom dancing at the age of 12. She was so passionate about it that she started learning all the routines from video cassettes before her mom even brought her to classes. Alon started at the age of 10. His mom entered him into dance class and fell in love with the art of movement and hasn’t looked back since. Both Maria and Alon, believe they can express their love for dance through the Latin American style.
The partnership began during the tough lockdowns of covid. Both Maria and Alon were in Canada at the time and they used the isolation to their advantage and decided to try out and dance together.
They currently train in New York City.


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