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Aleksei and Elena Minaev


Meet Aleksei and Elena Minaev. They are professional 10 dance couple who moved from Russia in 2017.

Aleksei is fun, he likes to swim in the river in winter time, and Elena loves art, she does acrylic painting.

They started dancing at a really young age and become a couple in 2001 when Elena came into Aleksei’s mother's studio! They have danced together in Youth, Amateurs, and now Pro. They had their beautiful daughter in 2012 and have continued dancing!

They like the 10 dance program because it gives them more freedom. Also when you dance as long as they have you really feel the similarity of two programs. They have their coaches in New York and New Jersey, and practice everyday in their own studio- Fred Astaire Westlake which is in Cleveland, OH.

Aleksei and Elena are Bronze medalist in 10 dance at the US National Championships the last three years! They want to improve this result and become National Champions!


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