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Nick Cheremukhin

Nick and Viktorija's partnership formed in March of 2013, when Viktorija, who lived in New York, made a life changing decision to move to California, where Nick was located. It wasn't an easy decision. After living in New York for over 10 years,  to move across country (2800 miles ) in U-Haul track with her car in tow. But it was the right decision for a new partnership that formed.

Within first year Nick and Viktorija became finalist in all major competitions in United States. Strong Ballroom and Latin background, as well as modern jazz ballet and contemporary dancing were, & are, big contributors to their success.

Nick and Viktorija's latest accomplishments are:

  • 4x US National Open Professional Smooth Champions
  • UK Open, Open Professional Smooth Champions
  • 5x Blackpool Open Professional Smooth Champions
  • 4x World Open Professional Smooth Champions
  • First ever Russian Open to the World Smooth trophy Champions
  • First ever Smooth Champions of Yan Tian Festival Universal Super Starts Open Championship in Shenzhen China.


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