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Matthew Johnson & Rosabelle Zhotev

Born with a natural sense of rhythm and an innate love for dance, Matthew Johnson began his journey when he took his first dance lesson at his parents' dance studio at the age of five. Off the dance floor, Matthew is known for his humble and quiet personality. He is a hard worker all around and commits 100% to all that he does. Matthew is a straight “A” student graduating middle school with honor role. He is a remarkable saxophone player, great artist, and winner of multiple track meets. Matthew embraces each endeavor with enthusiasm and a drive to be the best. On his free time, you can find Matthew playing basketball with friends or playing FIFA.  

Rosabelle is 12 years old and lives in Park Ridge, Illinois. From the moment she took her first class at age 8, it was evident that she possessed a natural talent and love for ballroom dance. Born into a family of athletes, Rosabelle was immersed into a culture of determination and relentless work ethic. Since male partners were scarce, she began her dance journey competing with her teacher in the pro-am division. She was happy to make the final at the United States DanceSport Championships. Rosabelle is a Straight “A” student who loves to spend time with her twin brother and has a deep love for animals.  

Matthew and Rosabelle’s journey began in May of 2022. They train at Fred Astaire Dance Studios Libertyville (formally Ballroom Center) with Matthew’s parents, Donald Johnson and Irina Shukhat. Matthew and Rosabelle quickly discovered their shared passion for the art of ballroom dance as well as their shared hunger for improvement and success.  Matthew and Rosabelle are blessed with supportive families that foster a nurturing environment and provide them with countless opportunities to travel the world and train with the best. Despite their young age and short time together, Matthew and Rosabelle have already established themselves as rising stars. While they are both quiet off the dance floor, they are fearless competitors. They are undefeated in all Midwest competitions. Their unwavering determination, undeniable talent, and relentless pursuit of excellence has led them to garner numerous accolades: 

  • U.S. National Finalists- 2nd and 4th  
  • Ohio Star Ball Finalists- 5th 
  • Grand Slam Semi-Finalists 
  • International Dance Festival- 14th 
  • North American Imperial Star Ball Champions 
  • Allstar DanceSport Champions 
  • Winter Open Champions 
  • Best of The Best Champions (Winter Open) 
  • Windy City Open Champions 
  • Best of The Best Champions (Windy City Open)  
  • Wisconsin DanceSport Champions 
  • Chicago Crystal Ball Champions 
  • Best of The Best Champions (Chicago Crystal Ball) 


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