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Valeri Golubev & Margarita Golubeva

Valeri (Val)  started dancing when he was 10 years old. “I was invited to a dance, at a school concert. I thought it could  be a perfect beginning to my dance career, but at the first rehearsal the choreographer gave me a chicken costume and said “Just wave your hands and walk around.”  Vals first ballroom dance competition was in 1996. It took him 4 years to become a champion in his region. After he left home for university, he took upon travelling and dancing until he found himself in the USA in October 2017. Margarita began dancing when she was 4 years old. Her talent was first noticed in kindergarten when her teacher saw certain steps and movements unique  to a child of that age. Her teacher then recommended her to a very well known ballet school in town, and there her dance career was started. 

The couple started dancing and working together in 2011 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. They met each other at a dance lesson, and quickly felt as if they had something great to present to the dance world. They were invited to dance together in a professional dance group, and from there sparked their showdance career. With this, Val and Margarita also compete in Ame3rican Rhythm and dance Argentine Tango.

In 2017 they came to the USA. Valerii became a part of the Great Team of Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Doylestown and helped to win the Top National Dance Studio Award 2019 and 2020.  

The couple has a great list of achievements, including; 

  • Argentine Tango Russian Champions 2015
  • Winners of the Baltic Cup in 2014
  • Bronze Medalists to the World Artistic Dance Federation version of the World Championships 2016
  • Soloists in a performance of “Tango Passion by A. Piazzolla” and “White Ball of Johann Strauss”, held on the largest Russian stage of Kremlin palace
  • Performed on stage with Tango Stars Silvio Grand and Martin Alvarado
  • Dancer and choreographer in the musical “Glenn Miller. Sun Valley serenade”
  • Dancer at the Ceremony of the Opening and Closing FIFA Football Confederation Cup 2017 in Saint-Petersburg
  • 1st place: Rising Star Rhythm Grand Nationals (2019, Miami, FL), 2nd place in Theatre Arts and Cabaret
  • 1st place: Fred Astaire National Bronze and Silver Rhythm Champion 2019 (Orlando, FL)
  • 2nd place: Official Argentine Tango USA Championship 2019 (San Francisco,CA) 
  • 2nd place: Theatre Arts and Cabaret at Golden Star Championships 2020 , 3rd place in Rising Stars Rhythm  (Jersey City, NJ)
  • 2nd place: Showdance Eastern United States Dancesport Championships in 2018 (Boston, MA)
  • 2nd place: Theatre Arts New York Dance Festival (2018, New York, NY)
  • 2nd place: Theater Arts and Cabaret Maryland Dancesport (Baltimore, MD)
  • 3rd place: Rising Star Rhythm at the 2019 Tri-State Dancesport Championships (Atlantic City, NJ)
  • 3 rd place: Open Professional Showdance at the FADS 2019 National Dance Championships (Orlando, FL)
  • 3 rd place: Rising Stars Kings ball 2019, 3rd place in Showdance in 2019 and 2020 (Rye Brook, NY)
  • 2nd place : Open Professional Showdance at the FADS 2020 National Dance Championships (Orlando, FL)
  • 2nd place : Open Professional Showdance at the FADS 2020 Cross Country Dance Championship 2020 ( Indianapolis, Indiana)

With this, both Val and Margarita strive to put their hearts into developing themselves as amazing dancers, they plan to grow, learn, and succeed further than they already have.


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