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Nikita Brovko & Adele

Nikita and Adele are a professional Latin couple based in LA, and have had great success in the US and overseas!

Some of their most memorable achievements so far include: 
Blackpool Pro Latin Semi-Finalists
UK Open Pro Latin Semi-Finalists
International Pro Latin Semi-Finalists
Regular Pro Latin Finalists in the US at competitions like:
  • Ohio Star Ball
  • Desert Classic
  • Beach Bash
  • Hollywood

Adele, hailing from Israel, found her artistic roots in piano, dedicating eight years to mastering the instrument. However, her true journey in the realm of expression began at the age of six, inspired by her cousin's passion for dance. Embracing Latin dance as her ultimate means of self-expression, Adele embarked on a path fueled by rhythm and movement.

Nikita Brovko's dance odyssey commenced at the age of five in Western Siberia, Russia, back in 1995. With a lineage deeply ingrained in dance, Nikita's upbringing was steeped in the art form, propelling him to early success. From Russian championships to multiple World and Blackpool titles, Nikita's dance prowess was evident from the outset.

Their partnership was forged by fate when Adele learned of Nikita's search for a new dance counterpart. Following a tryout and a mutual decision, Adele made the life-changing move to Los Angeles to join forces with Nikita. Currently, the dynamic duo trains rigorously in Los Angeles, sculpting their artistry and perfecting their technique.

Together, Adele and Nikita have left an indelible mark on the competitive dance circuit. Noteworthy achievements include reaching the semifinals in the professional category at The Open Blackpool International Championships, UK. However, their ambitions extend far beyond accolades; they strive to continually evolve as artists and elevate their standing in the global dance arena. Their shared goal is to ascend to greater heights, securing top honors in prestigious competitions worldwide, cementing their legacy as premier professionals in the realm of Latin dance.


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