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Erik Linder & Shelly Meshkausk

Erik and Shelly are both 20 years old. Erik started dancing in Seattle at the age of 4 and Shelly’s first steps in life as a toddler were on the dance floor in Boston. Erik and Shelly started their partnership in December of 2016. The long distance wasn’t going to stop their love of dancing with each other which meant that they would need to travel between the East Coast and the West Coast to train together as well as traveling internationally to train and compete. Erik and Shelly compete in Youth Latin, Ballroom, and 10 Dance in addition to performing shows. They combine their love of dance with each other by drawing from their experiences from successful dance careers. 

In the year of 2019 Erik and Shelly got married in Maui, Hawaii with their close friends and family around them. Currently with the pandemic happening aside from dancing Erik and Shelly have chosen a few new ventures. Erik has gotten into filmmaking and photography, which has brought new opportunities! Shelly aside from being a full time nanny has been studying to become a nutritionist and life coach at the Life Coach Institute. 

A few of Erik and Shellys achievements are…

  • NDCA US National Champions 2019 Youth Ballroom
  • Winning Championships like Eastern, Golden Star, Emerald Ball, Boston Cup, Commonwealth Classic, Kings Ball, Holiday Dance Classic, DBDC, etc in Youth/under 21 Ballroom & Latin
  • 3rd place Arthur Murray Cup (Dublin)
  • 2nd place NYDF under 21 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Top 18th Worlds Latin 2019 (Dublin)
  • Top 11 Worlds Ballroom 2019 (Dublin)
  • And more which can be found on

“I want to be remembered as a great dancer that made a difference in the people I reach. I want to pursue a professional dance career competing, teaching and performing around the world following in the footsteps of the legends before me. Dance brings freedom to me”. - Erik

“My goal for myself is to feel accomplished with my dancing. That doesn’t mean the Blackpool final or winning first in every competition. It means being happy with my own dancing and having everyone else fall in love with the message my dancing has given.” - Shelly

"We love our Aida’s so much. The time we started to wear Aida dance shoes is the time our dancing escalated to a new level. The shoes' handmade perfection holds your feet beautifully. On the floor, you can always spot the Aida shoe with its design and structure."

"Our goal as a couple is to not only inspire others with our dancing but to create a higher level for the future to strive and look forward to the art of dance. We do not strive to be ordinary, but we strive to be ourselves and have our own style."

To contact Erik and Shelly visit them at #erikandshellydance

Follow our instagram: erikandshelly



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